We have everything that looks like a tool on this wall and even more. The photo is a bit out of date.

  • an angle grinder known as Flex
  • a bearing cup press tool
  • a nut box & Torx set
  • Drilling machine & cordless screwdriver
  • a dremel
  • two professional assembly stands
  • Repair kit (of course!)

Also chain oil, bearing grease, brake cleaner, rust remover & hand wash paste for afterwards.

Spare Parts

Nice bunch … grows all by itself.

Basically, a complete bike could be built from our pool of reusables. It’s just about the question of whether the parts really fit together. We have mainly used spare parts, solid, but usally not very high quality.

New consumables (brake pads, bulbs, bowden cable cases, brake and shift cables, tubes) are also available.

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