Wanted: Bike mechanic !

Dirty hands & repairing bikes? Do handicrafts and messing around professionally? Drink malt beer and eat ice cream?
We are looking for new people for our workshop!

What’s up?
– professionally equipped bicycle workshop
– funny, weird, committed colleagues, willing to help you & answer your questions
– Learn new things about screwing & cycling
– In case of regular engagement: A key for the workshop for private use

What’s required?
– Repairing skills OR the motivation to learn (be proactive!
– Willingness to regularly attend an opening time (e.g. every 2 weeks á 3h)

Come around and talk to us during opening hours! Or contact us by email!

PS: We have another workshop at the University. It’s callded »Rad i.O.« & looks forward to some support as well! 🙂

Hey there

Posts are usally made in German. So please visit the German version of this blog. If you need a translation for one special post, let us know. Otherwise just get started with German. It is a tremendos language. Just try to pronounce: »Streichholzschächtelchen« (little box with matches). 😉

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