»Integration macht mobil II«

The project  »Integration macht mobil II« is a followup project realized by the association Rad i.O. Dresden e.V. and financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Free State of Saxony.
The framing is a classical DIY-bike kitchen, giving users the posibility to evolve and improve skills of bike repairing and maintenance, inform about german traffic laws and furthermore gain some knowledge about self-organized mobility.

Via Doing something together we want to bring people from different parts of society together.  The workshop shall be a place to repair your bike, lower language barriers and disminish prejudices. If people are able to repair their bikes on their own, the feeling of self-efficacy is improved and some self-esteem is evoked.
Furthermore the project depends on volunteers, who like to realize their own ideas und bring in their own talents, to develop the workshop into a vital meeting place in the quarter of Friedrichstadt.

The target group of the project are inhabitants of the Friedrichstadt, in the first place. Specifically adressed should be unemployed and migrants. The ensure the connecting character of the project other persons are warmly welcome likewise. 

The following parts are planned to reach those goals: 

  • Installation of a DIY bike workshop & meeting point for people from Friedrichstadt
  • Courses to gain & improve bike repair skills
  • Education about traffic laws and security
  •  Offers esp. for women about bike repairing and learn to bike

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